Hello, I'm Mel!
Love of books, tea, and light
Born and raised on the east coast of Canada, I love to travel and have lived abroad in Germany, Japan, and even England for a bit. I'm not from the French-speaking part of Canada, although I did spend my undergrad years there, and have many fond memories of poutine-soaked nights, and heated debates over glasses of wine. I do speak German and Japanese.

Photography encompasses everything I am—storyteller, creative, human.

We live in a beautiful world.
Yeah we do, yeah we do.

I believe that life is worth celebrating. That love is worth fighting for and empathy is one of the most important muscles we can flex. In my work, I strive to be humble, to elevate stories, and strive to make the world a better place.

I am an outspoken and inclusive human, who believes that people are everything. I feel most myself when being deep in nature, or when sipping a coffee in the window of a Tokyo cafe where nowhere knows my name, or when working in a quiet corner of my home while bundled in blankets and writing to myself.

Art is essential. So is good tea and coffee. Wine doesn’t hurt, either.

I’m a Nova Scotian lifestyle photographer who proudly calls Dartmouth home. I also love shooting weddings and creative editorial. I got my start shooting for my undergrad newspaper during those tender years in Quebec, sneaking backstage to shoot theatre productions, or covering breaking news. I later went on to complete my Master’s in Journalism.

A story has always been quintessential for me, and my photography style is documentarian with an eye for the daily beautiful.

I’m incredibly lucky and fortunate to be able to work as a photographer. Some of my most meaningful moments have been the connections made while photographing amazing people from all over the world.

Fun Facts About Mel

+ I spent a month driving from Halifax to Tofino in a van with a mattress in the back.
+ I'm a TAC Certified Tea Sommelier
+ I'm left-handed!
+ I'm a lingophile. I speak German and Japanese. French too, although not quite as well. I'd love to learn Arabic and Chinese
+ Breakfast is the best meal
+ I was once on a Japanese reality tv show
+I'm a Taurus / Metal Horse / ENFJ
+ My list of previous jobs includes bartender, legal assistant, busker, content marketing manager, journalist, waitress, and more!
+ I spent a month volunteering with a photo-voice NGO in Bosnia for Photographers Without Borders
+ I'm married to an awesome guy from Labrador
+ I grew up on a horse farm, but am allergic to horses
+ I spent a summer living on a tea farm in Japan
+ I've been blogging about tea and travel since 2015 at Mel Had Tea