Dolor Tristique

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Silhouette of a bridge against a bay window in Hubbards Cove, Nova Scotia.
A sign nailed to a tree that says 'oak hollow' showing the name of the cabins in Hubbards.
Bride and groom walking hand-in-hand down Hubbards Beach.
Bride embracing a close friend.
Groom in a maroon suit being carried away by his groomsmen.
Groom's feet being carried by his groomsmen as he's lifted up.
Groomsman wearing a cowboy hat.
Bride and groom laughing amongst fall foliage.
Bride and groom kiss amongst fall foliage.
Closeup of bride and groom's arms in fall foliage.
Bride embraces a family member.
Bride's friends showing off their stash of fireball alcohol.
Shot of the bride's friends embracing her from the back.
A shot of the groom and his best man laughing.
Focus on the groom's face, with bride in the background,
Bride embracing one of her bridesmaids.
Bride raising a toast with friends.
Bride being walked down a grassy aisle by her mother and father.
Bride's friends crying at the wedding.
Bride and groom standing beneath a chuppah jewish canopy being married.
Bride smiling and looking into groom's eyes.
bride and groom with friends toasting a speaker


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