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When Kaleigh and Eric planned their wedding, they knew it would be an intimate affair. Just their closest friends and family, tucked away lakeside in Nova Scotia, where they could all relax and celebrate the day together.

Having known them both for years, it was an honour to get to spend this special day with them.

Bride and groom holding hands after being married.
Closeup of bride and groom kissing in front of a blue fence in Halifax
Bride and groom celebrating wedding with a fist pump in front of a blue fence.
Groom wearing sunglasses looking at bride.
Maid of honour in green dress excitedly greets bride.
wedding guests enjoy a quiet moment by the lake with some beers.
Wedding pug wearing a bow tie!
Two friends of the bride and groom check to see when they'll be arriving on his cell phone.
Portrait of childhood best friend together with laughing bride.
Homemade chocolate wedding cake with strawberries.
laughing bride and groom during photos.
Closeup of bride and groom's rings on their hands.
Portrait of bride with a half-shaved head, glasses, green background.
Bride and groom show off their new rings.
Maid of honour wading into the lake before wedding.


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