I value longstanding relationships with clients, and enjoy working with teams over the lifetimes of their projects. Here are a few testimonials that give an idea of what it's like to work with me.

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Cassie Campbell, Owner of Femme Studio

"Mel was a saviour to the digital side of my business. I know I needed a website and had no where to start, I was having trouble with Facebook and I felt like I just had to give up.

Mel took over and gave me the most beautiful website, and took care of all of the social media issues that seemed impossible to me.

She did a wonderful job of taking my ideas and changing her initial design to match my style perfectly (even though she was not far off to begin with). She went above and beyond to make sure I got was I was looking for.

Having someone so professional and have such a great attitude taking care of the digital side of my business was such a weight off my shoulders. As a business owner I have enough to worry about day to day and having her on my team with such a huge asset! I would recommend to anyone looking for her services!" 

Service: Website Design & Copy, Google Search Optimization, Digital Marketing Plan, Studio Photos and Team Headshots, Digital Business integration for the team with G Suite.

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Larry Burke, Founder of Burke & Burke

"We love working with Mel – she delivers winning results consistently, with minimal direction. She has the keen eye of an artist, and a great attitude to match. I’d recommend her without hesitation.” burkedesign.ca

Service: Commercial photography for design clients.

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Stephanie McGrath, Sr. Director of Content Strategy at VERB Interactive

"Mel is one of the most creative and passionate writers I've ever worked with. She can always be relied on to come up with new, inventive, and engaging stories, social posts, infographics and video ideas that tell a brand's story in fun, fresh ways. 

Mel's positive attitude is also one of the key reasons I would recommend her talents. She's fun and pleasant to work with." verbinteractive.com

Service: Content Marketing Manager at VERB Interactive. Responsible for copywriting, digital campaigns and social media strategy. Also VERB Team photography around the office and on assignment.

Maria Doering, Screenprint Artist

"Mel Hattie is a talented, friendly and kind photographer. She came to my studio to photograph me in my work space and did a fantastic job. She directed me gently without pressure and in a conversational and natural way.

The photoshoot itself was a wonderful experience after which I felt confident in not just her abilities but also my own. I couldn’t be happier with the resulting photos and have used them for social media, press and applications since. You are amazing! Thank you, Mel!"

Service: Artist working-in-studio environmental portraits, headshots.


Kayleigh Sheehan

Kayleigh Sheehan, Strategic Arts Management for Nova Scotia Masterworks Award

"I worked with Mel once, and she's been top of my list ever since. Mel is a natural collaborator, and just as independent—she'll get the shots you want, whether you ask for them or not."

Service: Headshots, Event Coverage Photography.