Once in the late spring I took a train trip to the misty environs of Wales in the United Kingdom. Shooting away from the London train station and into the outer countryside, I found myself transported back in time to a place the evoked the romance of Welsh fairytales. A place where you wouldn’t be surprised to see a dragon crawl out from behind a dewy patch of daffodils.

In Wales I stayed with Nancy, a former CBC video journalist who made her name as a badass by reporting from the Bosnian war, where her academic husband also made the harrowing journey between his alma mater Oxford and the university in Bosnia. During the siege of Sarajevo he would fly into the university, his plane making tight spirals while landing to avoid being shot by the hillside snipers.

Now the two run a lavender farm in the Welsh countryside. Their farmhouse home stands beside rolling hills, where sheep wander lazily between pasture and flowery fields.


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